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Positive Pregnancy Rate and Live Birth Rate

Positive Pregnancy Rates include biochemical, clinical and live birth cases, which reflects the success rate of each embryo transfer. Biochemical pregnancy is defined as having a β-hCG test result of more than or equal to 20 mIU/ml but having no gestational sac on transvaginal ultrasound. A clinical pregnancy is identified with the appearance of gestational sac on transvaginal ultrasound that did not result to live birth. Live births are pregnancies that have reached 20 weeks’ age of gestation.

For 2013, our clinic performed 219 embryo transfers. Among these, 104 (47%) are positive pregnancies and 71 (32%) resulted to live births. For 2014, 481 embryo transfers were performed, of which 229 (48%) were positive pregnancies that resulted to 175 (36%) live births. For 2015, out of 661 embryo transfers performed, 371 (56%) were positive pregnancies that resulted to 282 (43%) live births. In 2016, out of 833 embryo transfers done, 470 (56%) were positive pregnancies that resulted to 326 (39%) live births. In 2017, out of 987 embryo transfers done 537 (54%) were positive pregnancies where as of March 2018*, 387 patients have ongoing pregnancies while 123 already resulted to live births.

Positive Pregnancy rate and Live Birth Rate

* Note: Number of live births for the year 2017 include those delivered and ongoing pregnancies that have reached 20 weeks age of gestation.

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