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Please read this before placing questions. This is a page for answering your questions in public. Your questions will be checked at our clinic and answered in this page (However, depending on the nature of your questions, the answer may be made directly to the individuals having placed the questions instead of in public. In very unusual cases, we may be unable to answer the question. (*) The copyright on each question and answer belongs to this website (Please bear in mind that the question may be partially deleted or modified at the time of publication on this page).
(*) Questions unable to be answered:
・Questions by patients receiving outpatient care, requiring urgent answers
・Questions by outpatients about their next appointmen
・Questions about how to take medication
Questions about detailed aspects of treatment
You are encouraged to place these questions over the telephone or during your visit to the clinic (our telephone No.: (switchboard)

■E-mail address:
■E-mail address (please enter again):
■Main subject of your question:
■Content (details of your question):

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