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■ s/p cs + s/p BTL [date of publication]2014-10-22 09:16:37
    From:Mr./Ms Tin [answerer]answer
I've been reading about KATO in blogs for the past few days. I'm 31 y/o, I have 2 kids (11 & 7 y/o) both CS then right after i gave birth to my youngest my OB told me to be ligated (age 24) so the procedure done to me s/p cs + s/p btl (2007) I underwent UTZ last year (NOV 2013) to check if my uterus is ok and the impression normal sized anterverted uterus, secretory phase endometrium, normal ovaries and right adnexal adhesions. I consulted 3 OB doctors and advised me to go thru with IVF instead of surgery because they don't know the extent of the BTL.By the way, my second husband had a daughter to his 1st wife, so we also wanted on our own. Is it possible that i can be pregnant thru IVF? Thank you :)

answer: Good morning. Yes, we can help you with IVF. In IVF, we do not need the tubes to get you pregnant. We look forward to seeing you.

Kato Repro Biotech Center (KRBC)

■ proper time of check up at kato repro biotech center [date of publication]2014-10-22 09:09:06
    From:Mr./Ms zhang [answerer]answer
hello just want to ask were planning to undergo ivf ... im 33 n my husband is 36,we've been together for 12 yrs.nw.i had miscarriage twice,the last 1 was 2006..after dat i never got pregnant,i had an obgyne and done my first iui b4,it failed,i wasn't able to follow up and never follow up checks on my ob anymore co'z we decided to go bk 2 prov 4 good...do i still hve d chance 2 conceived?my husband went abroad and he's finishing his contract dis coming march 2015..i decided to came here bk in manila recently..the mall manager were i had a business is a 43 yrs old now and 7 mos pregnant on her first baby...i was curious and ask her just yesterday afternoon and she recommend me kato repro biotech center...i just want to ask if when should be the proper time to have a check up for me?should i wait for my husband to arrived or the soonest time possible even w/o him

answer: Good morning. It would be better to have an initial evaluation even before your husband arrives so that we can prepare you. Bets time to come is on the second day of your menses.

Kato Repro Biotech Center (KRBC)

■ pregnancy [date of publication]2014-09-02 09:58:17
    From:Mr./Ms cha [answerer]answer
hi im 7 yrs married and until now we dont have baby. my husband is a seafarer he is 38 years old. my husband got an operation on his testes when he was 25 years old he has 1 testes now and his dr said before that he has a zero sperm count.do I have a chance to get pregnant? thank you and Godbless :)

answer: Good morning. The only way to find out is if we do testicular biopsy. If there will be sperms found then we can use them for IVF-ICSI.

Kato Repro Biotech Center (KRBC)

■ Infertility [date of publication]2014-06-23 09:28:46
    From:Mr./Ms Jean [answerer]answer
I have been married for 3 years now and both me and my husband are under 35 yrs of age. Do we consider ourselves infertile already? We have not seen or consulted any doctor yet. What can you advise?

answer:Good morning. Yes, after at least one year of trying to conceive and you are not yet pregnant, you are already considered as infertile. Proper evaluation is necessary to determine the cause. Please visit us together with your spouse. The best time to visit is on the second day of menses. Advise your husband to abstain for 2-3 days and not more than 5 days so that we can also do a semen analysis.

Kato Repro Biotech Center (KRBC)

■ Tubal factor [date of publication]2014-06-23 09:22:56
    From:Mr./Ms Phoebe [answerer]answer
Dear Sir/Madam;

Good day!

My second husband and I trying to conceive for more than 4 years . I have my own children which 18 and 19 years old. I'm 37 and my husband is 32 with a healthy and normal sperm. 6 Months ago I undergone HSG and found out that my left tube is high grade blocked and the other had a hydrosalphinx with tubal adhesion. Could you give any recommendation to treat my condition or how we can conceive..

answer: Good morning. Clipping or Removal of the tubes may be necessary before IVF. Proper evaluation is needed before we can give recommendations. Please visit our clinic for a consultation.

Kato Repro Biotech Center (KRBC)

■ donor egg/embreyo adoption [date of publication]2014-06-05 10:36:31
    From:Mr./Ms lei [answerer]answer
Hi! I am 39yrs old. My RE diagnosed me with diminished ovarian reserve. I had 2 IVF cycles already without success. Right now, we are considering donor egg or embreyo adoption. My question is if you have a program for donor egg or embreyo adoption?

answer: Good morning. Unfortunately we do not perform donor egg IVF. Our Natural Cycle protocol may be of benefit for you. Please visit us for a consultation.

Kato Repro Biotech Center (KRBC)

■ infertility [date of publication]2014-06-05 10:29:47
    From:Mr./Ms candida Ferreira da costa [answerer]answer
I'm married about 3 years and then until now we don't have a baby. what is your recommendation about it?
There is a solution for my case?

answer:Good morning. We have to evaluate both of you thoroughly first before we can give our assessment and corresponding treatment. Please visit us for a consultation.

Kato Repro Biotech Center (KRBC)

■ cancer patients. [date of publication]2014-05-27 09:43:55
    From:Mr./Ms Krizzy [answerer]answer
Me and my husband are married last year. I got preterm loss last Feb. 5, 2014.and after a month we found out that my husband has stage 2 nasopharyngeal cancer. Since he will undergo some treatments that we all knew will affect his fertility i open to him the fertility preservation but he doesnt want to undergo due to personal reasons. I would like to ask is it possible for us to have a baby again? Is there any possible way that his fertility will come back?

answer: Good morning. It would depend on the chemotherapy agents that he will use. Your oncologist would be able to tell you the possible effects on his fertility. An option is to have cryopreserved sperms before he undergoes treatment. We can perform cryopreservation for you.

Kato Repro Biotech Center (KRBC)

■ Infertility [date of publication]2014-05-20 15:28:41
    From:Mr./Ms Belle [answerer]answer
Hi, me and my husband have been trying to conceive for more than 5 years now. I have PCOS and endometriosis and have done laparoscopy last Sept 2013. My husband sperm is ok but liquefaction takes sometime. We have tried 4 IUI but failed. I also have done LAT and APAS test. Result shows that my % PRA is 0. What does this means?

My OB suggest I undergo LIT treatment. Is this the option for us to get pregnant?

What are my other options?

Thank you.

answer: It would be best for you to visit a reprodcutive immunologist first for proper evaluation and management. Since you have undergone several IUIs already, I would recommend IVF for your case. We can help you on that aspect. Please visit us for a consultation.

Kato Repro Biotech Center (KRBC)

■ Best Time to Visit [date of publication]2014-05-20 15:23:05
    From:Mr./Ms Mr./Mrs. TG [answerer]answer
My husband and I would like to schedule an appointment for a consultation for IVF in August. Is there a specific time frame I should consider to come in for a first visit? Thank you in advance!

answer:Good afternoon. The best time to visit would be the second day of your menses so that we could start with the initial lab tests and baseline ultrasound. We can also do a semen analysis on your husband. Pls advise him to abstain for 2-3 days but not more than 5 days. We look forward to seeing you.

Kato Repro Biotech Center (KRBC)

■ Varicocele [date of publication]2014-04-22 11:45:20
    From:Mr./Ms Rj [answerer]answer
My wife and I are married for more than a year now. I have been diagnosed with varicocele and later on primary testicular failure. Laboratory results that I have high fsh and lh than normal, and low testosterone , my urologist said biopsy is the last procedure he could think of. Is there a possibility that my wife and I can have a child of our own. By the way my wife didn't have any problems with regards to infertility.

answer: Good morning. I agree with your urologist. The only way that we can check if there is viable sperms is to do a biopsy/extraction. Once we have viable sperms then we can freeze them and use them in an IVF cycle. We hope that you can visit our clinic.

Kato Repro Biotech Center (KRBC)

■ Ivf pregnancy [date of publication]2014-04-11 11:10:29
    From:Mr./Ms Geminigirl [answerer]answer
Hi, i had my 1st ivf last Oct2013 and turned to miscarriage and had D&C. Dr.'s said i have a thin lining of endometrium and have also endometriosis and just find out last week a multiple fibroids one is measuring 5cm. And my uterus went retroverted but before I had my D&C last Nov2013 my ultrasound result says; anteverted uterus and fribroids measures 1cm. Do i still have a chance to get pregnant? And
Do we have surrogate pregnancy instead?

answer: Good morning. Based on your history, yes, you have a chance. We will evaluate both of you thoroughly before we recommend treatment. Unfortunately, we do not perform surrogate IVF. We look forward to seeing you.

Kato Repro Biotech Center (KRBC)

■ consultation inquiry [date of publication]2014-04-11 11:08:01
    From:Mr./Ms maryan [answerer]answer
Hi! I've been reading about KATO in forums and blogs recently and we would like to try your services. However, we have a few hesitations as we would like to go through a step by step process of infertility treatment first. We have undergone failed iui's already but we are not confident of the process by which it was conducted. We would like to take a step back and start with our fertility work up again. Does KRBC conduct step by step work up process or should the perspective be that couples who consult with you go straight to IVF already? Thank you!

answer:Good morning. Yes, we will evaluate both of you thoroughly first before we recommend treatment. No, not all patients go straight to IVF. We hope to see you soon.

Kato Repro Biotech Center (KRBC)

■ Freezing and preserving sperm [date of publication]2014-04-04 10:34:25
    From:Mr./Ms Thess [answerer]answer
Hi! I'm 35 yrs old and my husband is 36 yrs. old .I was diagnosed with adenomyosis last year and my husband was diagnosed with varicocele. He underwent the operation last October 2013 and the sperm count is now improving. From 7,500,000 count it is now 22,000,000. He is working abroad but he stayed here for 2 years but until now I did not get pregnant. He will go back to work on April 9, 2014 so we would like to ask if we can freeze and preserve his sperm. We are planning to do the IVF by August or once the money is ready. We hope that you can help us.

answer: Good morning. Yes, we can cryopreserve his sperm. Pls visit our clinic for a consultation.

Kato Repro Biotech Center (KRBC)

■ azoospermia [date of publication]2014-04-04 10:14:44
    From:Mr./Ms grace [answerer]answer
Good day!

Hi im grace 28yrs old,husband is 30, both Filipino and working here in Abudhabi. I have been married for 1year this coming May and have not yet been pregnant ever since.Regular menstruation per month.As per my OB GYN all are normal with me.My husband's semen 2 results shows that he has azoospermia with fsh of 37, the uro said having a child is next to impossible because husband doesn't produce sperm at all. Is IVF a probable solution for me to conceive? Pls help us.
Thank you!

answer: Good morning. The only definite way for us to find out is if we do a biopsy on him to find out if there is sperm production. We have to rule out obstructive azospermia first. If we find sperms then we can do IVF-ICSI.

Kato Repro Biotech Center (KRBC)

■ Donor option [date of publication]2014-04-04 10:10:54
    From:Mr./Ms Ludy [answerer]answer
My fisrst IVF was failed done last October 2013. I have bad endometriosis and i underwent laparoscopy 2008 and laparotomy 2011. On my first IVF my AMh was 0.16 and i received high doses of medicines and no eggs were retrieved. My latest AMH level is 0.03. The Doctor told us that our next option is to get donor egg. IF , I will have donor egg, what is my percentage to get pregnant? what are the risks and benefits.

answer: Good morning. If you will undergo Donor IVF, Your chances of pregnancy will now be based on the age of the donor and her egg quality. The younger the donor the higher the cahnces of conception. Clinics in other countries offer Donor IVF.

Kato Repro Biotech Center (KRBC)

■ Endometriosis and pcos [date of publication]2014-03-18 13:22:01
    From:Mr./Ms Raech [answerer]answer
Hi! I was diagnosed with endometriosis (size is 3) and pcos and my husband's sperm analysis is Teratozoospermia. We've done three iui cycles with negative results. Can we still continue with the IUI? Or should we consider ivf? Do you suggest surgery for my endometriosis? Thanks!

answer: Good afternoon. I believe that IVF would be the ideal treatment for you at this time. We might not have to do surgery. A proper evaluation would help us make an appropriate recommendation. Please visit us for a consultation.

Kato Repro Biotech Center (KRBC)

■ Need advise [date of publication]2014-02-27 11:05:19
    From:Mr./Ms think [answerer]answer
Hi what are my chances to conceive.

left tube removed
right tube is patent, with mild terminal hydrosalpinx

answer: We would have to assess your right fallopian tube if we need to remove it first before we do IVF. Please visit us for a consultation so we can discuss your options.

Kato Repro Biotech Center (KRBC)

■ how to get pregnant [date of publication]2014-02-27 11:03:35
    From:Mr./Ms nice [answerer]answer
hi!I\\\'m 32 and had ligation when I was 26.is it still possible for me to get pregnant and how? pls help me..your response will be highly appreciated thanks and god bless

answer: Good morning. Yes, through IVF, even if you have been ligated we can still try to get you pregnant. Please visit us for a consultation.

Kato Repro Biotech Center (KRBC)

■ can i get pregnant? [date of publication]2014-01-28 11:06:50
    From:Mr./Ms aiko [answerer]answer
hi!i'm 33yrs.old i have 2kids by cesarian section po and my boyfriend is 51yrs.old he's son is 21yrs.old.my tube is remove after i get birth to my second baby 6yrs. ago,can i get pregnant again?

answer: Good morning. If the remaining tube is still open then you can conceive naturally. We can check it if it is open. If it is blocked then we can offer options to treat the condition. Visit us for a thorough assessment.

Kato Repro Biotech Center (KRBC)

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